Friday, March 23

Weird Internets

March 18-23
Winner: Andrew

Due to a lack of entries I'm going with this one.

Depressed and deranged penguins

Friday, March 9

Weird Internets

This is weird. I win for the week. Go me!

Slapped Cats

Friday, March 2

Weird Internets

Week of March 2nd
Winner: Caron

Out of left-field comes coworker Caron's first entry ever and the weirdest thing on the internet this week.

iPhone Umbilical Cord Charger

Friday, February 24

Weird Internets

Feb 20-24
Winner: Andrew
That's a serious gym workout.

Friday, February 10

Feb 6-10
Winner: Jana
The Ostrich personal sleep system

Runner Up: Andrew